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Engraved Items:
Engraved items are personalized, and therefore, not returnable. No returns on engraved items, either in whole or in part, is accepted. If an engraving error is made by us and not due to information supplied by a customer on the order form, we will correct any error for the product.
We do not change engraving information supplied by a customer on their order form. If we have questions, we will try to communicate either by email or phone. If you realize the information supplied is incorrect, please contact us immediately. Once the item has shipped it cannot be corrected without incurring further cost.
Mothers Birthstone Jewelry:
Most of these items are personalized, and therefore not returnable. These include Mothers Birthstone Pendants, Necklaces, and Rings.
Shipping and Delivery:
We have no control over your package once it has been shipped. Therefore, we offer a discounted rate to insure your package. If your package is misdirected or lost, we will do our best to help you locate it. You understand this will cause delays in delivery.