Baby bracelet shown tied to jewelry pouch inner ribbon; method for storing baby jewelry to keep items from damage.

A Gingham Grasshopper Exclusive!
Anti-tarnish jewelry pouches. Our jewelry pouches are made of 100% cotton fabric on the outside and they have been completely lined on the inside with anti-tarnish fabric.

Simply hook the clasp on your baby bracelet or other jewelry, then loosely tie it to the pouch's inner ribbon, as shown. Then slip the bracelet down inside the inner pocket and close.

Keep necklace chains from getting tangled when tied with the ribbon. The soft interior will also help keep engraved items from being scratched.
Our anti-tarnish jewelry pouches should not be washed or dry cleaned as this will remove the anti-tarnish properties from the fabric.

Our Puff Pouches are beautiful drawstring pouches that are also fully lined inside with anti-tarnish fabric. The small puffs are available in two different designs - pink gingham and patchwork.
Two small jewelry puff designs perfect for storing baby and children's jewelry to keep items from damage.

Pocket puff with 7 inner pockets for storing mothers jewelry.

Puff Pouch with Pockets!
These large roomy pouches come with 4 to 8 inner pockets. Fully lined with anti-tarnish fabric, you can keep your jewelry separated and protected. Great for sterling silver or gold.
Black and pink puff and pouch for storing children and teen jewelry.

All of our jewelry pouches, puffs, and rolls are completely lined inside with anti-tarnish fabric to keep jewelry clean, shiny and protected. The soft interiors are great for keeping scratches from engraved items, pearls, and other delicate items.

These items are available in a wide range of colors and designs to please children, teens, and moms! We carry designs for boys, too.

Our jewelry pouches and puffs are all made exclusively for The Gingham Grasshopper and are American made.

Customer's three favorite jewelry pouch designs for baby and children's jewelry.

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Fabrics available to choose from for our single pocket jewelry pouch for storing baby and children's jewelry.Fabrics available to choose from for our single pocket jewelry pouch for storing baby and children's jewelry.